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Labyrinth in the Reminiscent Mirror OP by evangelinecos

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Seeing some people talking shit about Kondou and his stalking, I feel it’s important to say some things.

1: I notice these people didn’t say anything about Sacchan.


2: It’s Gintama. IT’S GINTAMA.


Gintama dedicates itself to crossing the line. It dances gleefully…

I believe that the moments like this one in which Otae expresses how she is unhappy with Kondou’s behaviour are one of those “sincere moments in between”. Sorachi makes A LOT of social commentary in Gintama, just because it’s a comedy doesn’t mean those points shouldn’t be taken seriously :)

Nobody discusses Sa-chan because her actions are not being apologized by Western fandom the way Kondou’s are. 

The original post does not say that Gintama is part of rape culture, it says that “apologizing stalker’s actions and claiming the object of stalking should give him a chance is a part of rape culture”. Don’t twist their words, please.

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With recent post about Kondou appering on my dashboard, I feel like I should comment on one thing that bothers me with fandom’s view on Kondou.

I think we all agree that Kondou has many undeniable qualities. While he might come off as light-headed and eccentric, it is…

THIS. I am tired of people apologizing Kondou’s behaviour with irrelevant arguments such as him being a good guy. Even good guys can do bad things and what matters in this situation is that he seriously makes Otae uncomfortable, invades her privacy, doesn’t take “no” for an answer and harasses her.

And why shouldn’t she give him a chance? Because she doesn’t fucking want to

Also, a guy who has “a problem with expressing emotions” this big will most likely keep acting unhealthily (overattachment, excessive jealousy, possessivness) in a relationship too.

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